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  • Winter Crate Key (SB) / Store Update OUT NOW! | Cultivatemas 2020 Event Information


    Hi everyone!

    Before you proceed, I just wanted to let you know that the Winter Crate on Skyblock has been released! This is the best crate to ever be made available on Skyblock, and it will only be in existence for a VERY limited time. Check it out here!: https://cultivate.buycraft.net/category/skyblock-crate-keys. Winter Crate Keys are a bit of a stark departure from my original stance on good items in SB. At the end of the day, it is about users having fun and that is always the primary goal, even if that means having things that are a little bit non-traditional. I apologize if this direction is upsetting, but I think it will allocate more creative freedom going forward. Support for these, or for anything in the webstore is as always, appreciated and will be what keeps Cultivate running for a very, very long time.

    With that out of the way, it is time to tell you about Cultivate's plans for the 2020 Holiday Season! We are going to let users travel to Cultivate's North Pole for a brand new type of event this year! Users will be tasked with helping Moose Brod3n, Santa Nolan and Fisherman Ippy save the North Pole from being destroyed by Krampus! They will do so by completing a short, quest-driven story in order to obtain the Krampus Sword! After obliterating Krampus, users will be able to complete 40+ quests to receive exclusive Holiday-based rewards! This event will be live on both Survival and Skyblock on December 20th until about mid January.

    We are also going to be hosting a Holiday-themed Scavenger Hunt this year as well! Users will be spawned into the North Pole map to find 200 presents that are hidden throughout the map! We will be running this event on Survival on December 19th at 2PM EST, and on Skyblock on the same day at 4PM EST. To join the event, you will simply just have to do /scavenger at the time specified.

    There will be even more updates coming to Cultivate soon, thank you for reading!

    - Nolan
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