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  • Survival Pending Weekly Events

    Ah so this is like a kind of cool thing I thought of, so basically it would be "Weekly Events". So everyday or maybe a select few days out of the week, we could host a new event, such as movie nights, karaoke nights, and some in game challenge for the day like a game we play all together or just a community build, something that brings us together.

    Movie Night
    So for movie night, people like all types of movies so to make people not argue people could suggest a movie and then there would be a collective vote on what to watch this week.

    Karaoke Night
    Some people like to sing some people don't. This weekly event could be where people come to listen to others sing or it could be a place for people to show off their vocal skills. Either or it just brings people together to listen to some music.

    In-game Challenge
    This one can vary on what to do for said event.
    • So for this challenge of sorts, there could be a item, place, etc. that people have to look for in game, sort of like a scavenger hunt.
    • There can be a build that we all work on collectively with like a theme of sorts, so that it brings everyone together and collaborate with one another.


    players already stream quite a bit of movies maybe there can be a dedicated movie channel on discord to promote this a bit more.
    as for more events. we have the build event that is a monthly thing if you look on discord there are quite a bit of votes picking the theme but the turn out does not reflect it sadly.
    which in turn gives the organizers the impression players are not overly interested in it.


    This ultimately comes down to Staff availability, which is currently a scarcity. There may be some updates on this front "soon". I generally agree with there needing to be more out of game events but need to see demand for such events before investing time into it.

    marked as pending