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  • Survival Pending Tweaks for Item Rename Vouchers

    In my opinion, Item Rename Vouchers need a couple tweaks. One would be a confirmation stage in the rename process. This would show what the name would look like, with a prompt to type confirm in chat if you're happy with what youve typed. This would give the player an opportunity to fix any errors they may have made in the color coding.

    The other, less important tweak would be to exclude the color coding of the name from the 50 character max. Then lower the max characters to around 30. It would make both methods of color coding useable, while also allowing the player enough room to name their items what they want with ease.

    Thank you for reading this suggestion. c:


    The Rename Voucher was previously an Anvil UI which would have the "confirmation" that you are looking for, except that it is clunky and not intuitive in the slightest. Changing back to this is not something that I want to do, and we are even moving other parts of the game out of that UI as well.

    I agree about the points with character limit, will do something about it.