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    I am writing today to alert everyone that Survival: Season 4 is going to end on April 7th at 10PM EDT (GMT -4). Survival: Season 5 is going to start on April 10th at 4PM EDT (GMT -4). This post will go into full details as to why we are resetting, and what that means for everyone. Please read this in it's entirety, you will be linked back here if you ask an obvious question.

    Users will be able to transfer 9-18 physical items by using Item Transfer. To use Item Transfer, simply use the /it command, and then place items into the GUI. All users get at least 9 total slots, and anyone with a donor rank gets 18 total slots. To get the items back at the start of Season 5, simply do the command again and take the items out of the GUI. You will not be able to place back into it, and the redemption period will last from April 10th - April 17th. If you are unable to transfer items yourself and need assistance, accommodations can be provided in extenuating circumstances. Open a ticket in #support for more info if this applies to you. You are not allowed to place Shulker Boxes, Crate Keys, Paper, Spawners or Books into the Item Transfer. People are not allowed to take items over for you. Both accounts will lose their Item Transfers if this occurs.

    Users will be able to keep most donation packages. This includes Donor Ranks, Commands (ex. /fly), and most cosmetics. People will be able to keep all cosmetic options except for Emotes, and Trails. Emotes (animated skulls, not chat emotes) are being removed entirely, and the Trails system is being replaced with a system that allows you to create your own Trails (making the current Trails system defunct). If you have previously donated for an individual trail in Season 4, or have Sacred+ you will have access to this new Trails system in Season 5. If you previously donated for a Player Warp, it is eligible for transfer but will not automatically be available. Create a support ticket at the launch of Season 5 and a replacement voucher will be provided to you. It should also be noted that Donor Ranks have also received some changes, and feature sets may be slightly different from Season 4 to 5.

    Users will not be able to keep most gameplay related statistics/content. This includes but may not be limited to Level, Money, Player Vault contents, Inventory contents, Set homes earned through playing, MCMMO progression, Jobs progression, Quests progression, Daily Bonus streak, MCMMO Credits and Claim Blocks. We are resetting Claim Blocks except for those that have been directly donated for in Season 4 (directly donated for means using a package from the Claim Blocks category on the webstore, does not mean Claim Blocks from Crates). Donor Claim Blocks may not be immediately available but will be made available within a reasonable time frame.

    There are many reasons why a reset is taking place now. The most important one that needs to be immediately discussed is that we are changing some things that require us to perform a reset. For example, we are changing how our world operates. It will have a pre determined world size of 25k x 25k (to start, will be expanded when necessary), so that we no longer have to maintain unnecessarily large worlds. We have also implemented some redstone / abusive block limitations that will cut down on redstone monstrosities in a much less intrusive (and annoying) manner. We have also changed some aspects of the economy (both player and server), and also have been working on some new, game-changing features! We will be making separate posts about some of the fun stuff over the next week as we get closer to launch. There may be a Q&A held before Season 5 to answer questions as well if time permits. This does not even begin to include the countless small improvements that we have made to help improve the user experience even further. The server has been around for almost 5 years now, and sometimes it is admittedly difficult to think outside of the box on ways to improve something which has seen prior success. Some of the upcoming changes really try to address this problem. With all of this being said...we are going to be less afraid of doing resets going forward. Extending seasons for as long as they possibly can go, benefits no one and that is obvious. It is foolish to operate under the assumption that we can stretch seasons forever without consequences. Resets are often seen as evil, bad, manipulative... and this often ignores the fact that resets can (and usually do) bring great benefit to the community. They give us an opportunity and a platform to change things in a way that is not hacked together or shoddy. They take an incredible amount of work and time to put together, both of which are more difficult than ever to commit to the server. This is something I have discussed a lot and so I will not expand upon it further. All I ask in return is that you give the next season a shot. I believe it is a great refresh to a concept that many of you enjoy.

    One immediate improvement is that we are also upgrading our servers! There will be network downtime at the end of Survival Season 4 to start transferring everything over to a new setup. We will obviously use the appropriate outlets to keep everyone updated on this move. It is a time consuming process, but time for this move has been properly allocated, unlike in the past. Skyblock and any other non-Survival server should not see any progression or data loss from this move.

    Also, we have not forgotten about Easter! However given this news, we did not want to launch an Easter event only for everyone to lose rewards/progression in the event. We will be launching this event on all servers alongside the new season on April 10th. There will be a follow up post on our platforms about this event (we know it is after Easter, I am choosing the lesser of two evils). This is also why we have moved the Build Event to April 10th.

    Before closing this out, I just wanted to also mention that server rules are still in effect until the end of the season. Please consider this before doing anything stupid. If you would not do it in the middle of the season, I would not do it now.

    If you have anything that you need assistance with or have questions about, please use the Support Ticket system on Discord. I cannot guarantee a response on any other contact method right now unless it is urgent.

    Thank you,
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    Excited for the new season! I definitely agree that resets aren't a scary thing, and they can be beneficial in a lot of ways. I'm glad to see you agree, and can't wait to see how season 5 plays out :cool:


    lets hope season 5 will be a good one.
    i hope players will like the fresh start and like the changes that are made.