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  • Skyblock Nether / End Dimension Reset + Network Wide Key Drop | 2/28/2021 - 2PM EST



    This is just a small announcement to let you know, that we are resetting the End/Nether dimensions on Skyblock on 2/28/2021 at 2PM EST. From now on, we will periodically doing these dimension resets on Skyblock based on need, and they will no longer be based on a strict schedule for them. We'll make announcements before them obviously to give people some time for any preparation they may need to do.

    There will also be a Network Wide Key Drop to celebrate the occasion at this time. There will be no server downtime for these dimension resets to occur. This does not effect anything else on Skyblock. If you have any questions, open a ticket in the Support channel on our Discord server, or use /requesthelp in game.


    News gets posted to our Discord first. Join our Discord by following these steps: https://www.cultivate.wiki/discord