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  • Skyblock Content Update #1 is LIVE!


    We have pushed Content Update #1 for Skyblock Season 2 to live. This includes the following patch notes;
    • We have added a Custom Wandering Trader to Spawn! They have various trades for a few different items. This will be expanded out over time. Each trade is limited to 200 per hour (except for Point Brick).
    • We have added Point Bricks! These are an item that will be given to you every time you earn a coin. They are tradeable at the Villager for Point Blocks.
    • The Point Block item in /coinshop has been reduced to 350 coins, and now has unlimited usage.
    • We have introduced the SB Collectable #1 item to the Season 2 Crate and the Legendary Crate. This item is needed to make the new buildables.
    • We have introduced the Rainbow Tool and the Rainbow Sword buildables! The Rainbow Tool buildable is a vote buildable, and the Rainbow Sword requires Season 2 Crate items. I am trying to find more ways to make the crates useful, and this is simply a start to that commitment. The pricing of the buildables is definitely a bit more fair in comparison to Survival's usual pricing.
    • Pushed to live yesterday, we have also finished up the Donor Kits. These were pushed early to avoid any issue with time crunch.
    • Added Blackstone to /shop. Added Honeycomb as sellable. Sugar Cane nerfed by 10% in sell price.
    • We have completely revamped the Point Shop! All servers will now use a similar menu setup, and the menu itself will block you from purchasing something if you are on the wrong server. This new design also allows us to have packages which are purchasable for other users, and that will be implemented in the future since it has been highly requested.
    • Survival Buildables are currently not done due to an unforeseen issue. Will be done asap (today/tomorrow).
    Thank you for playing! If you have suggestions you may make them over at the Suggestions forum. These updates are pushed in real time to our Discord, you should consider joining it. More info can be found by clicking the Discord button towards the top of the page! - Nolan