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  • Survival Skyblock Pending Sitting On Thyne Heads

    Hello there, I am here to propose the revival of the ability to sit on people. Cultivate is heavily based around grinding out quests and of course farming, which sometimes needs those small, fun and goofy things to keep the momentum and continuous enjoyment of the game flowing. This isn't any major add-on or update to the game but I believe that adding back this once loved and still wished for ability to sit on your friends head, will not only improve overall player experience on the server, be something fun and enjoyable for all the players that love to have fun with their friends while taking a break from their try-hard lives in the farms. While of course implementing along side this, some command or ability to remove others from your head should be included for those that find it annoying in any way. :)


    This was removed around the time the Titles feature was implemented due to client desync with passengers.

    I believe this issue still exists, so not too much we can do at the moment to bring this back. Can be looked into though to at least confirm this is the case