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  • Skyblock Approved Non colored Terracotta available in Shop


    It would be great to also have the "pure Terracotta" under the Terracotta Tab in the shop available.

    For me it is just a different shade of Terracotta, actually the exact one I need, and I dont see the sense behind buying Clay (or fishing which takes ages)
    for 20k/Stack when all the other colored Terracotta are 1,2k/Stack.
    I can see the point why Clay is that expensive, and I would not change that, but It would be great to also have the non colored Terracotta for around 1,2k/Stack
    in the Shop.

    I hope this is understandable. D:

    Thank you in advance!


    This was probably just a small oversight more than anything. If there are no immediate issues that I think of then this will be added soon. Consider this to be approved.