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  • Survival Skyblock Denied Make DB more time lenient


    I would personally like to see the db time shortened to 22-23 hours to add some leniency to it in case you accidentally grab it late one day or if you're like me. So you're not forced to wait until that time to grab it again. I personally vote and claim db before I go to work in the mornings and on my days off I tend to get up a little later which sets my db time off by a few hours. In order to get it back on track I have to wait for the db to reset then wait for another almost 24 hrs to claim it in the morning before work. Effectively skipping a day without breaking the streak.

    Edit: As a secondary possibility, have db reset at the same time as the daily reset for the perk that gives a bonus to a different crop each day. This would allow someone to grab db at any time without worry.
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    I don't think this is going to happen. 24 hours is chosen because of the length of a day. Using something like 12AM as a central value for DB would actually make it worse, whereas the current Daily Bonus allows users to choose the time it rotates via their login/redemption activity, even if the process of "setting" the time isn't the most convenient. I also feel a change here would be over-complicating something that is meant to be a small, fun bonus reward for logging in.