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  • Survival Farming Perks as the season goes on


    Hello. Currently I feel as some of the farming perks need slight adjustments for them to make sense to use as the season goes on. While they haven't come out yet and may still not be finished design wise, some of the 'Coming Soon' perks completely invalidate others with better alternatives which make other perks pointless to ever use again.

    In a particular example:
    Cocoa-nomics gives +2 to only Cocoa Beans
    Grave Misfortune gives +2 to all non-fortune crops (includes Cocoa Beans among others)
    Prestigious gives +1 to all, +1 to non-fortune as well as a small double drop chance (+2 to Cocoa, and 3% drop chance)
    (example also works with Squash 'em as well)

    Both those coming soon perks are better than the Cocoa-nomics perk and make it something that you'd never use again when unlocked. A small adjustment to it could make you think twice about it though, like some small addition to it like a few % increase to Cocoa's sell price or some other effect to have the perk stand out as a choice from the others.

    Now I could be wrong about all this as the season goes on with the rumor we'll be able to equip multiple perks simultaneously, but the current system of choosing only 1 makes at least this perk fall behind other better choices when they're released, especially after the grind needed to unlock it.

    Any other thoughts on the matter?