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  • Survival Skyblock Pending Discord Ban Appeals

    Currently, if you are banned from the Discord it is permanent with no chance of appeal. I believe there should be an avenue which players can seek an appeal for Discord bans. First of all, yes I am suggesting this because I was banned. This post is not an appeal, and I will not discuss my punishment or the ongoing appeal in this post.

    However, because Discord Appeals are "not allowed" the process of seeking an appeal has been very confusing and tedious for me. The fact that punishments on Discord are permanent implies that people are perfect, staff and players alike. Players slip up and break rules sometimes, people have bad days or brief moments when they say or do something they might regret. This goes for staff to, staff is capable of making mistakes and being too quick to punish players, or not reading a situation correctly. We are all humans, and humans are inevitably going to make mistakes. Yes, there are some actions that are unforgiveable, but the fact that no Discord punishments can be overturned is very strict.

    I don't think it would hurt to have a section on this site where players can appeal a Discord ban. The appeals don't have to be public, and the criteria for overturning a Discord Ban should be very strict, but there should be a path where players can at least attempt to appeal their ban. Even if the chances of an appeal being accepted are next to none, something would be better than nothing.

    TLDR; Minecraft players and staff are all humans, humans make mistakes. No human should be punished permanently for a temporary lapse of judgement. At least give players a chance to appeal discord punishments.



    Your particular unban has been processed, however the process for Discord bans is not changing. Can verify using /discord in the Hub.

    We may build out a system which allows for temporary punishments via roles, but is a pretty low priority feature and isn't something I am focusing on right now.

    Suggestion left as pending.