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  • Survival Approved Daily Quests streaks


    I love the idea of daily streaks, and I understand the need to be difficult to get the top rewards, but I think it would be a nice idea to remove the need for a 3+ month streak to get the top rewards might be inaccessible for a large chunk of the community. I think making it similar to vote rewards, where it is counted total but the total is quite high, might be a better system for a larger portion of the playerbase (specifically the group of people the last quest rewards targets) as a lot of people are not able to come on everyday for 100 days. Even if the amount of quests needed for the last rewards were increased, as long as its not a streak it is much more accessible and I think only a very small minority would complain. I've spoken to a few people who hold the same opinion or have expressed these concerns to me as well. Open to any feedback on this


    Also agree. Early on the streak seems fun but once you hit 30 days (1 month) you only get rewards every 3 weeks almost (20 days between), this is a long grind between seeing anything come out of it. Structuring it more similar to /voterewards would be a nicer change and also allow for rewards to be spread out more where we can get something every 5 or so days, even if it's something smaller than what the current large ticket rewards are for the daily streaks towards the 70+ day mark.


    I am not going to be changing the structure of Daily Quests to a Voting Reward type system, and instead have opted to re-write the Daily Quest reward structure to not require such a large streak (max is now 30 instead of 100). Solves most of the problems outlined here but unfortunately removes a lot of the big ticket items.

    The 100 day streak was presented for those who may want to achieve it, similar to how things like Prestige exist. A small % of users ever reach it, and is there for those who want to put in the time. Doesn't really make sense to remove it but community support means I will.

    The free voting reward system is not applicable here, it serves an entirely different purpose and I think it would be a bad idea to adopt this for Questing. There is not really a similarity to be drawn between the two systems.