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  • Survival Skyblock Cultivate Season Pass

    The prior "Farming Perks" thread gave me a somewhat related idea.

    "Cultivate Premium Season Pass" - The core elements of this idea further promote manual farming over large (and potential laggy) auto-farms. A tentative idea for this Season Pass would be an item available in the cash shop for a set price and would last the duration of the season. The pass would allow players to gain rewards for manual farming on a separate experience-based system from MCMMO. Experience points would only be gained by manual farming. The rewards system could be level-based, with each level or interval of levels unlocking a particular reward. As typical, each level would require more and more exp. with the highest of rewards reserved for the most dedicated players.

    "Cultivate Season Pass" - If desired, you could also add a free pass with lower-tier rewards than a premium pass available to all players.

    An idea to mess around with.