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  • Skyblock Denied Color suffix for items


    Rename vouchers is a reward for one of the later levels. I believe they are supposed to be rare on SB.


    Benefactors should be able to name tools and items and be able to give the names colors.
    I do not understand this suggestion that much because it is not detailed enough. Please explain further.

    For Survival: Do you mean that people should have unlimited access to renames that are free? Because currently all users have access to Item Renaming for in-game money.
    For Skyblock: Do you mean that Benefactors should have free access to renames? Do you mean they should have access to purchase them with in-game money?

    I will say if this is what you mean, I have to disagree. I believe renames are already available in way too high of a capacity on Survival. As for Skyblock, the current level of available renames is a little low, but giving unrestricted access to Benefactor isn't the solution there.


    nono. If you like put a tool in a anvil and rename it, i was thinking we should be able to do forexample "&4Sword" to get the name of the sword red.


    I personally believe that renaming should not have more accessibility at this time. Custom renaming can make tools look very awesome, and should be something to work for rather than just instantly available via Anvil. Such accessibility makes the feature a lot more lame in my opinion (since everyone would be able to do it).