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  • Survival Autosell for certain items

    Hi, my names Zeph ( 3D on the server)

    I thought a cool thing that you guys could change with autosell. It would be nice to have an option to auto certain items that you want to sell and keep others you want to keep. For example, while farming stone with my explosive pickaxe, I wanted to keep the stone and not keep the other blocks. So if we could make it an option to only autosell items that you choose, maybe through a GUI, that would help alot.

    If you have any questions on this matter, or if I can assist in making it, please feel free to message me.

    Thank you!



    There is already a feature for filtering the items from autosell. If you type in /auto it will bring up the interface for all auto features like auto sell and auto replant. Click on the gold bar and you can select items to add to the filter so they wont sell when you have auto sell on.