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  • Survival Pending Ability to name Player Vaults


    As the title explains, I'd like to suggest the ability to name each of our Player Vaults in survival. I think this would be a good idea to implement not only to add extra customization ability to already existing game features but to make item organization less of a drag. Being able to SEE what each vault is categorized as dependent on what you named it without having to OPEN the vault would save a lot of time, and make organizing items SO much easier. We can already name homes we set in the world, so why not do the same for our vaults? I don't know what the command for it would be, but I was thinking something along the lines of; /pv name (vault number) (desired vault name). This could obviously be changed to whatever the devs think would be better, but all that really matters is at least the consideration of this being implemented.


    As people get more and more Player Vaults, I generally agree that finding them can be annoying.

    We will be implementing an update to PVs which will address this, although it will not be a naming system.

    More soon.