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  • Skyblock Approved 5 of any of the same spawn egg for 1 random egg, except the type traded in


    It would be cool if we could trade in 5 spawn eggs of the same variety, eg parrot spawn eggs, for a random egg that is not the kind turned in. I recently sold 2 sheep eggs that i had gotten 2x in a row from my benefactor kit spawn egg key, and while that is a simple solution, there are those with parrot spawn eggs piling up in inventories with no one who wants to buy them. I propose we add an option to the wandering trader, or to a special crate, that 5 of the same spawn egg will result in one random egg, except the one that was turned in. For example, one turns in 5 squid spawn eggs and receives a cow egg. This could be taken further, and say 10 of the same egg can result in a spawner of that variety. Spawners are not as easy to come across this season, and I would like this to be a useful remedy to those afflicted by either a lack of spawners or an over abundance of unwanted spawn eggs.


    We have added a Spawn Egg Trade where you are able to exchange 5 Spawn Eggs for 1 random Spawn Egg of a different type. This can be used with /spawneggtrade.