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    1. Nolan

      Denied Adding Connect 4 to more servers than hub

      Will not be doing this, Connect 4 has been marked as exclusively for the Hub. There may be further integrations for it which would remove some of the annoyance of it being in Hub, but it won't be moving from Hub any time soon.
    2. Nolan

      Survival Approved Ignore list for /sellall

      This is being moved to approved as the addition of this is imminent.
    3. Nolan

      Survival Skyblock Approved Sell notifications Toggle

      Moving to approved, this should be added by end of week. NOTE: The final iteration is still going to show money/booster related messages, as these are messages that come from selling and not from the Sell Rod itself.
    4. Nolan

      Survival Approved Removable Shatter Enchant

      I have found a pretty decent way of completing this and it should be added to the servers by the end of this week. Going to move this suggestion to approved!
    5. Nolan

      Survival Approved Item Rename Vouchers

      I agree, I really am blanking on why Item Rename Vouchers are not in the webstore. They should be shortly.
    6. Nolan

      Survival Denied Editing the way server boosts work

      Unfortunately, solutions here are currently not usable. If another user or anyone else has ideas about how to go about this, it would be appreciated. However for now I am going to move this to "Denied Suggestions" as nothing is planned to change for Boosters right now.
    7. Nolan

      Survival Approved Add Honeycombs/Honey Bottles to the sell shop

      I agree with this move. They have been added for a somewhat low price to Survival's Sell Shop.
    8. Nolan

      Skyblock Approved add Sweet Berries to /sell for skyblock

      Well, unfortunately this slipped right past me with everything that was going on at this time. Finally added to SB!
    9. Nolan

      Survival Approved Removable Shatter Enchant

      I do agree that probably should be a way to remove enchantments for users. I will think about how this should be brought to the whole userbase. Currently the enchants that can be removed are ones that you have perms for, but this ends up have a large negative effect on a lot of users. Will mark...
    10. Nolan

      Skyblock Approved add Sweet Berries to /sell for skyblock

      Moving to approved. Will be implemented when I find time over the next few days. Latest implementation would be Monday.
    11. Nolan

      Scavenger Hunt Information - 12/19/2020

      Hi everyone! This post will be going over procedure for the Scavenger Hunt Event happening this weekend, on Saturday December 19th, at 2PM EST on Survival Red/Blue, and 4PM EST on Skyblock! A separate post talking about the North Pole Questing event will be going up on December 20th when it's...
    12. Nolan

      Survival Denied Editing the way server boosts work

      Comparing the server to a AAA title is not really a fair comparison. Their progression systems are also massively different. The reason boosters are not given flexibility on when they start is simply due to abuse. People would stockpile crops and then use the booster to sell when they need to...
    13. Nolan

      Winter Crate Key (SB) / Store Update OUT NOW! | Cultivatemas 2020 Event Information

      Hi everyone! Before you proceed, I just wanted to let you know that the Winter Crate on Skyblock has been released! This is the best crate to ever be made available on Skyblock, and it will only be in existence for a VERY limited time. Check it out here...
    14. Nolan

      Skyblock Approved Shatter Enchant on Glowstone

      I like this idea. If it's possible to do then we will do it. Going to move to approved.
    15. Nolan

      Skyblock Pending Suggeston - Random MCMMO events

      Vote Parties and the like are something I've wanted to look at. This is a possibility but I'll need to see what's currently possible. will leave Pending designation until I have a clear idea of when something like this could go to live. I am not super against this, but I think assigning a fair...
    16. Nolan

      Survival Skyblock Pending Builder wand/custom enchant

      I agree that this may be the best way to go about it. Automatic Farms should always be more difficult to build than manual. It's possible that we just blacklist redstone related items. This would not limit creativity in any way I don't think. In terms of disallowed blocks, I would also put the...
    17. Nolan

      Skyblock Approved Non colored Terracotta available in Shop

      This was probably just a small oversight more than anything. If there are no immediate issues that I think of then this will be added soon. Consider this to be approved.
    18. Nolan

      Skyblock Pending Suggeston - Random MCMMO events

      I agree generally that MCMMO should be more obtainable. I do not agree that this would be the only way to do that. MCMMO Multipliers would likely need to be a LOT more rare in order to be implemented. I will leave this suggestion as pending for now until I have a better idea for how to do this.
    19. Nolan

      Survival Skyblock Approved Sell notifications Toggle

      I could see how this could be useful but need to confirm this is possible without issues arising. I will leave this as pending for now.
    20. Nolan

      Skyblock Denied Color suffix for items

      I personally believe that renaming should not have more accessibility at this time. Custom renaming can make tools look very awesome, and should be something to work for rather than just instantly available via Anvil. Such accessibility makes the feature a lot more lame in my opinion (since...