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By Nolan OWNER - Posted Sep 20, 18


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Hello, We have been working extensively over the past 2 months, in order to bring you a solid, working 1.13.1 version of the server that we are happy about. This update broke more things than anyone could have imagined, and it's stability has been in question for quite some time. With that in mind,
we are resetting the server on September 22nd at 12AM EST. We have come to this decision through extensive discussion and testing. As it stands, there are still known world conversion bugs still present in the game. It is VERY LIKELY these bugs are not going to be fixed in 1.13.1. Season 2 brought MANY changes, and I am hoping that Season 3 will follow in it's footsteps. We have replaced a number of plugins with our own versions, which does means quicker updates and more stability/features. a full changelog will be available to view when the server is on 1.13.1. The list of what is being lost/kept for the reset will be available on #changelog in the next few minutes. As with the last reset, you will be able to take a limited number of items with you to the next world! Any player with a donor rank will be allowed to take 18 items, and regular players will be allowed 9 items. Shulker Boxes cannot be stored, and old crate keys will not work in 1.13.1. This storage can be accessed using the command, /it on the server. Place your items and exit the inventory. After the reset, players will only be able to take from the inventory using the same command, and WILL NOT be able to place items back into it. Make sure you grab everything from the inventory! They will be removed 1 week after the reset (9/29). Benefactors can redeem a new Infinite Sell Rod and existing Sell Booster by using the Benefactor kit on 1.13.1

I will maintain that this reset (much like the last one) isn't completely by choice. By ignoring the issues in 1.13 and rushing the update, servers are forced to deal with the repercussions of Mojang's carelessness. The upcoming reset is a balanced attempt to bring new content to players, resolve some existing issues, all while dealing with the brunt of the situation that Mojang has caused with this release. Staying on 1.12.2 forever is simply not a viable option. As Mojang continues to release new versions with Minecon coming soon, the update process will grow more and more painful to execute. Taking this step minimizes that pain, and allows us to continue operating to the best of our ability. With that being said, as with any reset it is entirely possible that there are bugs, not only with our own code, but with this version of Minecraft. PLEASE REPORT THEM. We cannot fix anything that we are not made aware of. If the bugs are game-breaking in nature, please PRIVATELY contact myself or an admin/dev/moderator. However, most bugs are okay to go in #reports-help on Discord. Failure to report bugs and/or exploitation of them can result in a permanent ban as per our server rules. We did have a small team of beta testers to help us try and resolve issues, but it is very likely we did not find all of them. Lastly, I'd like to take a moment to thank the entire staff team, beta testers, and most importantly our wonderful Developer. Keehl and myself have been working very hard to organize and execute this upcoming reset, and we hope that you will all enjoy what Season 3 has to offer. Thank you.

Now, for the question that is on everyone's mind..What the fuck is going to happen to my stuff? Let's start with the things you will keep:
Donor Ranks
Claim Blocks
Previously purchased cosmetics(pets, glow etc.)
Player Warps (Keep track of how many you have redeemed)
Enjin Points
Items from Item Transfer (/it)
Permanent sell boosters / sell rods
Here are the things we are resetting: 
MCMMO Credits and Levels
Jobs / Quests Progress
Levels (0,4,8, P1 200 etc.)
Build progress in any world (Might be able to save Plots but no promises)
Inventories, homes, enderchests, any player data
PlayerVault counts (if they are earned from in game ranks like 76)
Mall shops, they will all be available when the server opens. 

If it is not on this list, please contact me and I can add it. Tried covering everything.