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March Announcement

By Nolan OWNER - Posted Mar 10, 18


SPRING CRATE AVAILABLE NOW This Crate has many new features, including a buildable hoe, Gen Buckets, and 2 Brand new TOOL SETS! Many of these items are the best items currently available, and there are over 40+ rewards you can win!

This Key is available here:

EVENT MANAGER AND EVENT LAUNCH Next, I would like to announce that we are hiring @Sam for the role of Event Manager! Sam and I have been working behind the scenes on our first event, and more information about the event can be found on the forums. If you have any questions relating to events, you may forward them to either of us on Discord.

Event Information can be found HERE:

I would also like to say that I have been trying to introduce the feedback that has been left for us in many ways, and I would suggest for all of you to keep your attention on
#changelog in the future to see even more changes like these be put into effect. Thank you all very much, and I am hoping the rest of our 2018 is absolutely amazing! - Nolan.

NOTE: This announcement came out first on our Discord, join it here.