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Hi there, 

There is some news! This is already posted within our Discord, but I figured I would update the website as well. To get news FIRST, join the Discord here! 

First, the Halloween Sale has been increased from 30 to 40%! This will last only until the end of the month, so act fast! The store can be found here.

Second, There will be a FALL CRATE KEY DROP on November 5th at 2PM EST. Need to know when that is in your Time Zone? See the countdown here.

Finally, I am implementing a new program. The Top Donor for each month will receive a free 25 dollar voucher to the store. I have updated the store to show who this person is. If you end up winning and need the voucher, contact me directly on the site, in game, or on Discord (where you'll reach me quickest). 

Thanks again for the continued support, and I cannot wait for the Holiday Season! 

Happy Farming,