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Maintenance Downtime

By ForeverNolan OWNER - Posted Jul 30, 17


The server is undergoing an upgrade/maintenance today! This was not expected or planned, however an opportunity presented itself and I personally made the decision to take this opportunity.

What is the upgrade and why does it need to be done?

The main upgrade is going to be in storage. We are moving to a machine that has double the amount of storage, in order to house the ever expanding world that we are creating. This will allow us to proceed without having to worry about storage issues.

Will I lose anything in game?

There is no reason to believe players are going to lose anything. The server files themselves are remaining in tact. We are simply moving them from one place to another. We have done this before and have had no issues.

How long will the server be down?

I don't give out estimated times, only because if the process runs later than expected, people get upset. We have to move a lot of files and set some things up again, so it will definitely take some time. It should not take more than a few hours and the server should be up later today. If off time extends past this, it would be unplanned.