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1 Year Anniversary | 35% OFF SALE

By ForeverNolan OWNER - Posted Jul 13, 17

Hello all, 

Cultivate has grown to something in which I couldn't have even envisioned, plain and simple. I started working on this server in June 2016 as a distraction from life and ultimately as a hobby. I NEVER predicted the level of success that the server has had in its first year. I would have been glad to have 10 players who liked the server. It has grown from literally having periods of 0 players on, to hitting a peak of over 170 players on at once... and having very strong playerbase numbers since then. There is substance to these players as well. No matter the warns, kicks. mutes, bans and overall toxicity of some.. we are still a community! The community is something which is positively viewed on Cultivate. I am proud of that.. and all of you should be proud of that too. We have seriously made something special here and I hope for it to go as long as it can. 

I'd like to formally congratulate all of the players, staff, and even myself on what we have done here. 95% of servers die. Not only did we survive, we have thrived. Given everything going against the server, we made it to this point. It is truly wonderful. 

I'd like to thank a few people. 

First off, I'd like to thank all of the moderators and admins, past and present. You guys have kept this place in line, made sure people were dealt with and that order was restored. I cannot speak highly enough of the dedication of the staff, as it takes a lot of love and dedication for this server to deal with an entire community of this size. You guys are the glue that keeps this place stuck together.. and I am truly greatful for the relations we have had here. All of you are wonderful people. When you see any staff next, please say thank you, and remember to be kind and patient when you need assistance. There are a lot of you and only so many of us. 

I'd like to thank the developers, Meow and Trent. You guys have written a lot of code for this place, and I am forever grateful for these contributions to Cultivate. Whether it is to make players have a more enjoyable experience, or fix game-breaking bugs, you have been there to fix things and improve things at an incredible pace and without much error. Cultivate would not be where it is, if it wasn't for the work of these developers. If you ever see them .. say thank you to them too.

I'd like to thank Maldito and Supa, for being two of the most overall active people I have ever seen. I love you guys. Everyone knows who you are and rightfully so. I'd also like to thank everyone (staff and otherwise) who have spent significant amounts of time on the server. You all make this community what it is, by being the regulars and being pillars for everyone else to aspire to, in a sense. 

I'd like to thank rvci for the role he played in the formative months of Cultivate. A few of the ideas which are now PROMINENT in the server, were brainstormed between the two of us. You're a great person and an even better friend. 

I'd like to thank Len, for convincing me to make a server in the first place. She was the one who convinced me how good of an idea this was. I thought it was foolish and crazy at first, I thought my insignificant ass could never make anything worth was I wrong. WE have all made something quite special here. 

I'd like to thank Toph, for being the biggest dork ever, and just being a wonderful person overall. You are...amazing. All I have to say. 

I'd like to thank anyone who has ever donated ANY amount of money to the server. Even if you spent 50 cents on a Nolan kit, you are amazing. You are the reason this server exists and has prospered the way it has, simply put. 

I'd like to thank Tiger for being a massive hoe. We love you <3. 

I'd like to thank Nic (MionSonozaki) for being the worst. You fucking suck. 

I'd like to thank Zinzy for being the biggest meme I have ever seen created by a community. Your memeworthy qualities will never die and we will never forget you. 

I'd like to thank anyone who has been here for any real length of time. The server has changed and evolved since it has opened... and I am glad people have stuck around for these changes and have praised them! As one of my favorite characters from TV says, "New is always better" (I love How I Met Your Mother, ALOT). 

If I forgot anyone in particular, I thank you as well! All of us have had a role in what Cultivate has become! Thank you so much :D. 

Cultivate is the best Farming-Based survival server. It's just true. You can thank the competition for that. We did it.

LASTLY. THERE IS A 35% OFF SALE FROM NOW TO JULY 20TH to celebrate the 1 year anniversary. If we hold any future events they will be announced (Currently there is nothing else planned. To be determined due to my own scheduling conflicts). 

Thank you all for an incredible year,