To whom it may concern

I have noticed a severe lack of Mod's/Admin's online The only mod's/admin's I have seen that are online on a daily basis is OtherLone( I have seen Jay a little bit). I think it would be best for you to add a helper staff rank so new and Older Members know who to go to when they have a simple question. I think people who would fit this role well would be someone who's plays for fun (does not do admin stuff), is online a lot of the time and an old player like Mustjok or Elikzer. The helper rank would not have any perms it would just allow people to know who they can ask.

Myself and others have had small easy questions that we have wanted to ask but felt it would not be significant enough to as a staff member. (also we have asked before and we told to F*ck off. (we were asking what was going on with the Plot claims).

From: God (JackBrody)