I have a lovely aquarium I am very proud of. Unfortunately with fish being so lacking on this server (Hint, hint) I have been able to obtain only a few, and to get some more life into my aquarium I bought a squid egg and named my new baby Sir Inksalot.

Sir Inksalot was very happy in my aquarium. He had it all to himself, except for four very small fish friends. He was the star attraction and he knew it. I am confident Sir Inksalot would not have willingly left my aquarium.

I adored Sir Inksalot and checked on him everytime I logged in. When I logged in tonight (I work nights) he was there, swimming happily, frolicing amongst the fishes.

Then when I came back a few hours later, he was gone.

Vanished utterly, without even leaving a note.

I had, within those same two hours, introduced a turtle that has since turned into two.

Did Sir Inskalot get jealous and leave without notice? Did he die? Did some dastardly villain steal him? Please help me find out what happened to Sir Inksalot, I miss him.