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What are some of you folks favorite Mods and why...

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As a mostly Vanilla person I don't really get into Tinkers Construct and the similar. But as builder I do like mods like
Biomes a Plenty.
Also Mods that add a few extra mobs, even tough ones (as long as spawn rate is not crazy)
Also some older out-updated mods like Minecraft Comes Alive. And ?Decor? (it is better than Crayfish, more variety..Mr Crayfish is cool too_)
I also like Pam's because I like farming.. it is soothing to me., that is why I was first to find this server and get my crew to start coming. : 3

Plus the regulars are friendly, claim system simple and rules good anti-grief policies.

I know there is another mod I liked, it had beautiful magical trees and a creeping corruption., it is rough on resources though. I'll remember the name sooner or later
Posted Jan 6, 19 · OP
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Mods with new textures/mobs/etc. cause problems when you add it to a server. Random players couldn't join if they also don't have the same mods (or they crash, I'm not sure what it is) so the influx of players would be maybe one a day since anyone that wants to play would have to basicly download a mod pack to play on the server.

Adding a farming mod would most likely mess up the farming macanics we have and could unbalance a lot of the game.

Boimes a plently might be the most viable, but I think there is a problem with clients loading new chunks, and the fact that we would also have to wait for a new season to add it.

MCA (besdies needed eneryone to download a mod to play the game) doesn't add to much to a server based around farming.
Posted Jan 15, 19