To whom it may concern,

Time and again I have seen the same basic discussion take place between players and sometimes involving staff, about which items can and can't be sold to other players, what constitutes a "crop" and today even "how much is a stack, it could be one, it could be a double chest". It's very difficult to explain the nuances of these things when they aren't actually listed in the rules or the full rules for us to direct people to.

I propose:
• Altering the language in rule 9.3 to clearly state the two-stack limit on gifts that staff have been reciting.
• Adding the 'rule' that staff recite about not selling crops to players into the actual /rules.
• Then either:
1) Create a master list of items we are NOT allowed to sell to other players and link it to the /fullrules or giving it a separate, easy-to-reference command. Even just amending the rules to say "crops" is not helpful, since a 'crop of fish' is not an intuitive concept, but live fish are treated as a crop due to their mechanics.
2) Make everything that is NOT sell-able to other players be listed in /prices and remove anything which is allowable to sell. This way there is no question about overlap, and we could simply say "look at /prices" to help newbies determine what to sell to the server, and what to sell to the community. (This could also include kit items which we are not allowed to sell to other players.)

I know there are many other more pressing issues to be addressed at this time and several exciting features the team is working to re-implement, but it has been my experience that a little clarity and consistency in the rules goes a long way to reducing community arguments while streamlining the enforcement workload for staff. Thank you for your time and consideration.