I am not referring to dead fish, just the ones that are live and captured in buckets. I've recently started to make a personal aquarium and want to trade some of my extra fish for other varieties, but since bucket fish are considered crops, I suppose its against the rules. I want to propose allowing the exchange of bucket fish, and it has to be a 1 to 1 trade. If they are allowed to trade equally, the monetary value is still the same, and the only change is how the fish looks when it is placed down. This would be similar to trading, for example, parrots of different colors. I don't think it makes sense to consider bucket fish a crop, when they are more similar to a spawn egg. Its not even remotely efficient to sell bucket fish because they are so rare in the world and fishing with a rod is so much easier. This rule change would in no way impact the economy or fairness of the server, and instead would just allow for cool decorations and collections to be made.