So when I am the server I can't help but to notice that players need to get a break from building, farming, etc. So I thought why don't I make a pvp arena! Since /warp forestpvp doesn't work other players can fight each other there.
I don't mind the trouble of starting such a project with all the building and redstone involved in the project. The only thing I ask for is that someone who is able to, to acctualy enable pvp in the arena. So that the arena can be put to good use. I have great ideas for the arena and If it is allowed I will probably build more than one so there are multiple types of pvp.
In case it isn't possible or if it isn't allowed please let me now as soon as possoble. I can Always change the Arena into something else if it can't be used as an arena.

Thank you for your time.
I hope to hear from Staff soon.