Well i kinda stole this idea from a other server so dont roast me for it

CLOAKS! The new way to look cool & saying people you spend money lol
There are some more designs but these ones I like best
Unlike the trails cosmetic you cant earn these from rank (well you can change that i would like to have cloaks being a rare thing) these cloaks are earned by doing Challenge scrolls! (this is the second part of the thread) A new fancy item How do you get scrolls you ask? All crates or buying them from the cultivate store im having a hard time of deciding how you get the scrolls mabey you can find some way to make it good

Scrolls come in diffrent rarities Rare Epic Legendary Myhtic
I will now be explaining how these work
Example : A rare scroll can be quite easy They have 3-6 Challenges but you dont know what the next challenge is so you cant do multiple challenges at a time Rare challenges are less difficult then a Legendary scroll a example of a rare challenge is Kill "mob" 30x
or Enchant a item. get a pufferfish out of fishing

The reward
Spawners/Money/Custom items/Keys/Cloaks
of course a rare scroll doesnt get the same rewards of a mythic scroll
A rare scroll could be good for beginners/low range players
The money from these would be 50k 3x cow spawners (If lucky a custom item or a key and even a slim chance of a cloak)

Epic Legendary youll get it i assume
Mythic scrolls
These are the best and the hardest but the greatest rewards!
You will be doing 20-27 Challenges

Example of challenges
Mine 12000 End stone < good meme challenge)
Sell 100K in the auction house
Kill 50x Brown sheep
Shear 100x Sheep
Do 21 trades with a villager
Craft a beacon
Place 25x cow spawners (youre allowed to break and place them)
After reading this the myhtic challenges are mabey to easy mabey you can decide whats a good challenge since the reward was too big for these challenges but this scroll needs to attract high ranking players not low ranked people doing something they can do aswell
The Rewards You will be getting 3rewards of the 7-9 Possible+ a cloak chance not included the 3 rewards
1-5Million 5Mil is a lower chance then 1Mil of course
Cloaks 87% of them time you will get a cloak
8x Wither skelletons spawners/some other spawners (will be the worst reward)
A new kit "Mythic" I dont know really the enchants but they will be good
A rank upgrade this is the only scroll that will be featuring a rank upgrade
the chance is very slim 1.2% if a benefactor gets this he/she will be getting 20$ store credit
5% Perm sell buff very slim chance 2%
50x sell wand i dont know really the % you can change them up
colourd nick + knockback 5 Fish slapper
And some other rewards mabey
Well of course this is just a thread and you should change it up this is now a perfect idea5757886A-D04D-4436-B6E7-C8059CDD07EC_1536390828.jpeg

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