Hello, my IGN is Nomissimon10 and I have been around on the server for a couple of months now. My real name is Simon and I live in Norway, Im 17 years old. I currently go to school. I also play in a school marching band on my freetime.(Also a lot of gaming) I played Minecraft 24/7 back in the days(8 years-5 years) and used to have a ton of fun, I also ran my own small Norwegian Minecraft server with a few friends. The last 2 years I have been playing a lot of the game called Arma 3. Some months back I kind lost a bit interest in the game and decided to open Minecraft with a few friends again. Cultivate was one of the servers I had added to my multiplayerlist so I started playing on it. I love playing on Cultivate and make tutorials/documents/sites to help others proceed faster on the server and enjoy playing on it. I think that was some of the more important stuff about me, ask questions and Il happily reply. I can also easily be contacted on Discord and usually respond quickly.