1. Plan everything ahead
Everytime you decide on building a new farm or building , plan everything ahead . Dimensions , make sure its c .entered and aligned with other builds , you will find it to be helpful in the future .
If its a farm , look it up on yt try different designs , test them individually on a testing map , or thest them directly on the server . Dont just look at 2 or 3 farms then start building and after a few days someone comes up and say ` well this is actually the most inefficient way possible .
Im talking about cacti farms here people , you guys keep copuing yourselfs and do the same string design over and over again ( just so you know , you lose 75 % of the cacti from that des
2. Do the research
Before deciding on what will be your main crop to farm do /prices , study that.
Calculate if it will be worth it .
If fortune works on it , if its worth to automate it , does it need water ? or light ?
3. Go big or go home
The server view distance is 4 chunks so the maximum size of your farm will/should be a 8x8 chunk square .
But if you only do manual farming you can exceed that limit .
As long as planes for most of ur farms , you can build all of them in the same time so you dont get bored.
Just switch between them .
4. Efficient storage area
Even if you have 256 x 256 x 256 cacti farm working around clock thats pretty useless if you storage is made from 100 double chests and 1 single hopper line feeding them .
hoppers transfer only one item every 10 ticks (~0.5 sec)
Use minecart hoppers to distribuite items because those have a 20 items per second speed .
5.Use all farming methods
Manual , semi and auto .
Use them all , having a couple of autofarms working while you harvest them potatoes with a big boi will sure do you a lot moneyz .
Also , try to make your life easier along the way , even in manual farms. Like placing chests to store your tool .
Do you have /autosell ? Then make a automatic filler so your inventory never gets empty .etc
/Ah is pretty much useless , rarely someone sells something worth on it .
So dont be that guy ( who everybody hates ) that every gd day of the week puts overpriced items in ah , buys items for 5k and sells em for 50 .
I can tell you right , there was someone with rank 72 when i first joined the server , only thing he does is resell overpriced things
Well let me tell you something , 5 months later he`s 100 something and im P1 156 .
7. Rankup
This may seem a little dum dum , but actually lots of people dont rankup beacuse the rewards suck .
It is totally worth it on the long run to rankup , the crop prices go up and thus you rankup faster .
P.S. Dont go over P1 , totally not worth it , after p1 it gets 50 % harder to rankup , the sell prices stay the same and the only rewards you get are vouchers ( who give you sacred keys most of the times) , not to talk about the fact you get reseted to 0 .
8. Do not sell your OP Tool
Lets say holiday keys just got available in store and you are a lucky soab and get the SBBH , under no circumstance .
Take me for example , ( i think ) i was the first who got it , so people started offering 50 - 70 million .
3-4 weeks later i got 250 mill offers .
9.Dont brag about it
I know man , you worked hard , built huge farms , got tons of profit but nobody wants to see a ` oh look at me im better then you ` guy .
If your work is truly impressive people will congratulate you for your efforts .
You`re just gonna get a bad rep , nobody`s gonna buy from you and everything bad will go like a domino on you .
10. Enjoy while doing it
You can make infinite amount of money , but if you`re not having fun then whats the point ?

P.S. You could do all of this or just be like Taka , the man is just harvesting netherwart and he`s top 1 on /ranks and money .
So if you have enough dedication be like Taka , if you dont be like Ping .