So me personally I do enjoy knowing where development stands, be it weekly reports, or a thread with some updates and issues.
So in light of this, I would like to present a forum in which I would like you all to report bugs you find, and I can list them here in hopes that it helps out our amazing developers patch them pesky bugs.

- when auto pickup is enabled, none of the user actions level up the corresponding McMMO skill (ex. mining cobble and mining)
- the auto pickup feature is a little wonky at times and doesn't always give every block mined (my instance with this bug is when farming a field of wheat, of around 200 wheat blocks, I only got back 194 seeds)
- MCMMO herbalism replanting ability is not blocked from AutoPickup entirely. MCMMO replanting is what I would consider moody at best. Issues with it existed before change, and is somewhat out of our control (Re-creating large parts of MCMMO is unfeasible due to the massive size of said plugin).
- when auto-pickup is disabled, fortune fails to work on crops
- auto-pickup with sugar cane and cactus only works on the block that the user breaks, however any blocks above the event-block are dropped normally
- wheat working with fortune
- plant drop rates are excessive (best example breaking ~700 wheat blocks, and using the level 24 shop, i was able to make about 115k$)
- MCMMO Leveling issue was not known, will have to reproduce and test further.
- grass dropping massive amounts of seeds with fortune

- Fortune and crop behavior is currently what is being worked on. There is significant progress here and should be done sooner than later. in light of this price nerfs on wheat and other crops with similar behaviors will most likely happen.
- Auto Pickup with Sugar Cane and Cactus has seen mixed results. I will have to test again but I remember this working. If not, might be something from bug fixing getting in the way.