Yah hey, my name is Backstroke, Backy, Sam, or whatever you know me as. So ive been lazy along with like 1000 other people and never introduced myself. So I like to farm, becuz pvp is trash and it takes no skill at all and there are tons of hackers. So i decided to go to a farming server. So i liked farming, was stupid and spent 60 dollars on it. And now i just no-life the server when i can. I like to no life minecraft and play rocket league. I like watching rocket league esports, and best of all. MINECRAFT PVP ESPORTS, yes, I know i said pvp was trash, but watching people who nolife pvp, thats even better then watching rvci's videos demonstrating the emojis...... So yeah, see u on the server i guess??????

lol, this took me a whole minute to think of..[img]https://media0.giphy.com/media/YJ5OlVLZ2QNl6/giphy.giffingerprint=e1bb72ff59e009986b3561793619a7d2[/img]