With the new website update I added a few icons by player names on the forums, I'm going to explain what each means in-case anyone wants to know! If they ever change, I'll be sure to update it here aswell, in time.

  • S3qs427WQDGSXe4NVU6FqQ.png this icon shows that you are online the website!
  • ayev2LDkT9qArue3K8ezvw.png this icon shows that you are online in-game! (this will only work if your character is registered on the website)
  • ymf_gUX8TsuDj5kHQiwX_w.png this icon shows that you are a site veteran (you joined the site over a year ago!)
  • -dTxKDktR9y1kbnUrKFs7Q.png this icon means the user is banned from the website :cry:

Ranked members receive their respective tag image on forum posts & their profile such as the one below.

Hopefully you guys like the icons & I hope this helped you understand what each of them means!