Hello! My name is CheatFreak! I've never really ever talked in chat or anything before much or really communicated to anyone. I've been seeing a few others make posts introducing themselves and I thought, what the heck! I am a 15 year old guy who likes to play CS:GO, Minecraft, PUBG, and a few other games. I enjoy making farms and auto farms quite a bit. I have been playing Minecraft since very early 2013 (1.5 update) and I have been playing the server for I would like to think for maybe 5/6 months? I have been an on and off player on the server lately, and I am hoping to change that. I've played with Meow (I call him keehl(his old username that I knew him as)) since 2013 as well I have played with Trent and John_Deadcorn for the most of 2016. I started searching for a server and finally found this server after weeks of looking through all the filter items and voting sites and thought it was really fun and cool so I asked Meow to come on and help me and after a little bit he soon applied and obviously got dev! After that we made a lot of farms and had fun along the way and we are here now! I hope you guys have a good time and follow the chain of making introductions, I would love to meet a lot of cool people on here that I can play with!

Contact Info:
Steam: Cheatyful
Discord: CheatFreak#7445
Email: BatBear209@gmail.com