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Hello all, we had a short maintenance period today which was initially unplanned. However, good things have come out of it! 

First and foremost, the server is on 1.12! This is really a great accomplishment and stays in line with the continuing tradition of bringing the latest versions of Minecraft to the server, in a timely, efficient, and hopefully bug free manner. The server version was released less than 12 hours ago as I am writing this.

- Nether and End have been completely reset. Initially decided to leave it but too much stuff has been left behind. With that, other things have been removed too. Community End Farms have been removed, and Nether PVP warp has also been removed. These will be replaced in time, but the current state of both of those was awful and can be improved.

- Auction House and Chairs have also been removed for the time being. AH is slow to move versions and is not currently essential to the operation of the server. It will be placed back in when the plugin is updated.

- Certain items from 1.12 will be added to /shop as the week progresses. There is also a Fill Inventory button in all /shops.

Any more changes will be outlined here and on Discord as time goes on. 

- Nolan 


The server reset is now online. Let me just explain a few small changes that have happened to Cultivate. 

The Wild world has been reset, and the mall has been cleared! All shops are available for rental at /warp mall. 

- /warp ps and Biome Warps have been removed. 
- Daily Bonus streaks reset
- Auction House Cleared
- /Kit Reset added (available until June 10th)
- Player Vaults cleared
- /IT items made it through the reset (available until June 20th)

Selling Adjustments: 
 - Emeralds = -75% 
 - Melons = +20%
 - Nether Wart = -15%

Shop Adjustments:
 - Hopper Price = Increased
 - Soul Sand Price = 3x Original Price.
 - More Shop Adjustments TBD.

RTP works differently as well. To start playing, you simply do /rtp from Spawn! No need to go to /warp wild anymore to do so. Frequency of RTP has also been increased to 90 seconds instead of 30 seconds. 

Also, do /abandonallclaims in game to receive all claim blocks back (if you have not done so already). 

The world has not been pregenerated, and some lag may occur from discovery of the world. Please refrain from stating, "laggggg" in chat or anything similar. We are aware. 

I hope everyone has a good time with the reset. If there are any bugs, please report them on our Discord, which can be found by hitting the Discord tab at the top of the page. 

LASTLY, there is a server sale for 20% for the month of June.

- Nolan

BaconFartz Wow I can't play now I am banned because of _Toph_ and I think the reason he banned me is unfair because I had alre...


Due to some unforeseen circumstances, we will be resetting a portion of Cultivate at 12AM EST on June 7th. We have never had a reset and hopefully this tradition of rare resets continues into the future. There are many reasons that I have come to this decision. I also realize that this decision will be widely unpopular, and I hope that I am able to cushion the blow for all of us to the best of my ability.

What does this mean? All buildings will be wiped and worlds will be recreated. Certain worlds and areas will not reset or changed, however. There will also be maintenance during this day (to prepare the new world).

What do players lose?: Players will be reset back to rank 0 and have no balance. All existing homes and claims will be removed. Inventories, Ender Chests and Player Vaults will be wiped, Daily Bonus streaks will be reset. Mall Shops will be cleared and unrented as well.

What do players keep?: The following things will be preserved (to the best of our ability): MCMMO Levels and Credits, # of Claim Blocks, # of Player Vaults, and Item Transfers, Donation Ranks, Nicknames, Suffixes, and anything else that can be preserved (Jobs progress, Quest Progress etc).

What is an Item Transfer?: Item Transfer can be accessed in game (when the feature is available). Players will be able to place items into this inventory, and have them transferred over to through the reset. Players will be able to get 18 or 27 slots to carry things over. Shulker Boxes are disabled in this inventory. This is your chance to bring over your most important items to the new world. Players will be able to do this from now right up until the reset. You can access this feature using /it!

Compensation: Since we are resetting on such short notice and because of the circumstances surrounding it, it is only fair that I compensate people for the loss. There will be a one-time redeemable Crate Key Kit available to all players from June 7th-10th. Hopefully the money and items earned from these keys will help cushion the blow. It will contain the following:
3x Summer Crate Keys
3x Tool Crate Keys
3x Legendary Crate Keys

Thank you for taking the time for reading this announcement, and I am excited to see what you guys create in the new world.

- Nolan

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